Zoom Lessons, & the ways I’m trying to help in 2020.

The pros and cons of online singing and music lessons, and the ways I am trying to help in 2020. Many beginner singers feel apprehensive about taking singing lessons online, but professionals have long been consulting their vocal coaches over skype and phone, because of the added convenience and accessibility of working from your own location. The singing teacher can tell a lot about your vocal co-ordination and it’s weak spots just from listening, and even without a visual image of you. For example, I can hear whether your vowels need tweaking and if you’re giving energy and breath support to the voice. During this difficult time though, it seems imperative to maintain human social contact through whatever means we can. Therefore I have created group sessions at an affordable fee to help support each other in our daily routines, and bring a bit of joy through musical expression. Now we need music more than ever, as art continues to remind us of our ‘north star’, our purpose and values. If you are taking individual singing lessons, you can learn to get into a call and answer rhythm with your teacher, to mitigate any of the latency/overlapping sound issues that can be experienced on Zoom calls. You can also play backing tracks from your side, in order to eliminate any timing issues with your accompaniment. One of my main concerns during this time has been for the isolated young parents stuck at home, and so I am piloting a new affordable, early years and baby group at 8:30 am on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Please pass on the word to friends, and purchase subscriptions as gifts for anyone in need. In addition to this new project, I am also writing inspirational and life affirming songs inspired by the global pandemic. Charity singles are in the making, particularly with the homeless community in mind, and I look forward to your feedback. Happy singing, keep the spirit alive 🙂 Love Hazel.