Find Your Voice.. Book Corporate Workshops, or Private Coaching sessions, in the UK.

Learn how to communicate with vocal tone more purposefully, enhance your public speaking, presentation and performance skills, understand and apply tone of voice more effectively in all areas of your personal and professional life.

Increase executive productivity, confidence and assertiveness, whilst enjoying a team building experience.

We already know that a person’s tone of speaking or singing voice communicates far more than their words alone. While growing up we design our speaking voices quite unconsciously, and we may not have ever purposefully thought about what our tone and manner of voice is telling others about our feelings, mood, status and identity, and in turn what they are telling us about theirs? Does your tone of voice sincerely match your intentions and get you the results you want?

We will work with well known speeches, poems, and dialogue which demonstrate the characteristics of each element, to play with and explore different aspects of your voice. It’s fun and informative to make sounds that you wouldn’t normally, giving voice to unexpressed aspects of yourself, awakening dormant facets of your personality, opening channels of creativity and success in the workplace.


Air Voice- inspiration, dreamy airhead, movement, insight.

Metal Voice- brassy, demanding, cutting, focus, clarity.

Water Voice- emotions, the cry sound, heartfelt compassion, empathy.

Fire Voice- passion, anger, rage, desire, heat, transformation.

Earth Voice- grounded authority, seriousness, gut feeling, deep knowing, gravity.

Hazel is my number one choice for executive voice coaching.

Krisitn Yateman. Moodys Bank

Thank you for your fun and informative workshop, which has notably empowered our team to be more expressive relaxed and successful.

K.Spackman. Zenesis.

Our patients and our colleagues have really benefited from the therapeutic effects of Hazel's voice work, if you are thinking of booking a session with her for either corporate or personal benefits, please don't hesitate, she will work miracles!

Rosy Daniel. Health Creation.

'Speak in such a way, that you make others want to listen,
The tongue of the wise makes knowledge acceptable,
But the mouth of fools spout folly'

Solomon, Proverb.