Find Your Voice, set It Free!

Tune into VOICE GYM for your weekly live vocal workout class on Zoom.

Wednesdays at 19:00, Thursdays at 12:15.

Take the opportunity to work with a top vocal coach in the privacy of your own location.
Take the cost out of your vocal coaching routine by joining a live group class.
Keep your voice in shape and each week learn new areas and topics such as:

  • The most common vocal issues facing both men and women today,
  • Safe & effective warm up routines,
  • Breathing exercises,
  • Vocal cord closure and voice positioning for power,
  • Increasing your vocal range,
  • Using emotional keys to access different voices, such as falsetto, mix, and head voice.
  • Learn how to EQ your own voice through vowels, throat and mouth shapes for the sound you want. 
  • Develop a mind body connection to get the voice you want.
  • Vocal onsets and the key to vocal freedom, 
  • Vote on the songs and styles you would like to cover
  • Book individual 1 to 1 lessons to follow up in more personalised detail, after your workouts.

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Private Singing Lessons/Vocal Coaching on Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, or by telephone. Express length, Full length, & V.I.P. Executive Speaker & Breath Coaching.

VOICE GYM Group classes- are held weekly on Zoom, to help people to feel connected during this time, and to keep singing in an affordable & accessible format:

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