Trust the learning process with patience and persistence.

I was just saying to a student today, one crystal clear observation I have made, is that the students who trust and enjoy the learning process without beating themselves up, really do learn much faster. OK so most of us artistes are sensitive perfectionist types with high standards, but how about genuinely expecting to succeed and feeling good about what you do? Expecting the learning process to work and trusting your body and subconscious mind to integrate new habits at the rate they’re ready to. You have to give time and patient repetition, in order for neural pathways of new vocal habits to form. Trusting the coach and student relationship, allowing yourself to experiment, make and learn from mistakes without judgement, trusting yourself and your voice to reach your goal. Patiently and persistantly taking time to learn a new muscle and sound memory of your own voice, and perhaps shift move over under or around pyschological and emotional factors which may be blockages to the sound or result that you want. Having patience and trust in the learning process is gained through experience. Once you’ve learned to trust that process you become good at learning whatever the subject or discipline may be. Patient persistence is to the human character what carbon is to steel. Believe in yourself, and the learning power of your own body and mind.