Improvisation.. “The Spirit’s movin’ now!”

Re- improvising, listen to your voice and follow where it takes you. If you really listen to and watch your own voice in the now, the next note will unfold and then the next phrase and so on. You prob won’t do quite as well trying to invent something great and constructed with the controlling conscious mind, but if you follow your ‘inner voice’ and the creative ideas that spring from the well of the collective subconscious mind, you can learn to trust where it will take you, rather than control and ultimately restrict it out of fear. Certainly hours of practicing intervals, as well as listening to and absorbing inspirational works of musical genius is also part of the conscious preparation to being in the zone. It’s a big ask in many ways, but the goal of all artists and performers to be in the zone and creative flow without fear or inhibition. Nina Simone and Bobby Mcferrin come to mind.

“The spirit’s movin’ now!”

Nina Simone performing live How it feels to be free with piano improvisation.