Emergency warm up and calm down strategies.

Emergency warm up and calm down strategies. 

Its surprising how many singers tell me that they don’t warm up before going to the studio, rehearsals or gigs. Easy to understand though how sometimes you get caught short getting ready for a performance and don’t quite prepare as fully as you’d have liked to. Your tights have a pull in them, you can’t find your left shoe, the taxi is waiting outside and you’re still doing your eyeliner! Sound familiar? So what do you do to centre yourself before you start singing?

1.Keep a thin cocktail straw in your handbag to buzz and un-press your vocal chords for whatever precious moments you can find on the way to your gig.

2. Exhale, deeply, slowly, purposefully, and mindfully. Use the sensations of the breath mechanism to come out of your racing thoughts and into your body and the present moment. Your life force (‘chi’) energy is in your breath, and your breath is linked to your emotions. Is it shallow and anxious, or slow and calm? Long slow exhales will give your body calming hormones, where as short held breath will give you fight or flight signals.

3.Standing up tall and straight and proud, will actually make you feel more confident, as well as allowing you to make those mindful breaths fully. Change your posture to change how you feel.

4. Remind yourself why you love singing and music, and step into the joy of creative expression that unites us all in our human experience.