• I teach contemporary voice and singing technique, online or in person.
  • I coach executives and public speakers to vocalise with confidence and influence.
  • I help people to reduce anxiety and rehabilitate with breath coaching, meditation, yoga chants and vocals for wellbeing and personal development.

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“Learn To Sing, Voice Your Life!”

  • Voice lessons, singing and performance coaching, suitable for all genders, and skill levels.

  • Foundation to advanced vocal technique for any popular genre.

  • Even if you have little or no musical experience.

  • Learn from an experienced professional singer, performer and music industry consultant.

  • As featured on TV, by major record labels Universal, Sony, Mercury, K7, international festivals, magazines and music venues.


“Hazel is by far the best vocal tutor I have had the pleasure of working with. Hazel’s extensive knowledge of the music industry and more specifically vocals, together with her passion and enthusiasm for teaching is a real pleasure. I feel that every lesson with Hazel is tailored to my ability as Hazel helps improve my confidence and skill in singing. Thank you Hazel for all your help so far!” Steve C, lead singer, of The Harmonix

I started taking lessons with Hazel exactly a year ago, and I cannot express how glad I am that I did. The singing lessons I am taking every week allowed me not only to develop as a singer, to expand my vocal range, get familiar with my voice and what it is capable of doing, but also to develop as a person. Hazel has a highly professional attitude as well as great teaching techniques, but not only that, her friendly character and deeper understanding of singing in connection with the personality of the singer changed my way of thinking completely and allowed me to gain a lot more confidence in my voice and my performance. My family, friends and even previous singing teachers have noticed the progress I made, and, most importantly, I can see the change myself. I am enjoying the singing lessons with Hazel very much and I could not recommend it enough, if you are thinking of starting do not hesitate, you will have a great time.” Anna D, songwriter.

My Methods Include

Personal development- Mind body connection, mindful breath, mantra meditation, focus attention, flow state, body language, integrated sensation, strength and agility, movement, authoritative emotional expression, identity, desire, authenticity, intention, creativity, spontaneity, charisma, confidence, communication, influence.
Voice Technique- Vocal Folds, balance, strength, vibrato, health, strength and agility, hydration, breath, air flow, controlling consonants, resonance, EQ vowels, the science of formants and harmonics, pronunciation, expanding range and power, removing vocal cracks strain and breaks.
Musical Training- Interval training, pitch, rhythm, harmony, melody, dynamics, interpretation, improvisation, memorisation, song writing, accompaniment, performance skills, performance stress management, shape tone colour, style, genre.
Voice Yoga- Pranayama, seed sounds, chakra sounds, the resonant body, mantra chants, singing intervals with a drone.

“Effective Public Speaking Requires Great Vocals”

I can teach you to:

  • Vocalise with confidence and influence 

  • Rock your next presentation interview or pitch

Clients include: Moodys Bank, Universal Records, Health Creation, Carnival Cruise Lines, Toyota, Zenesis, Sony Records.


“Our patients and our colleagues have really benefited from the therapeutic effects of Hazel’s voice work, if you are thinking of booking a session with her for either corporate or personal benefits, please don’t hesitate, she will work miracles!” Rosy Daniel, Health Creation.

The word vocation comes from the root word for the voice. To show your true calling for your profession, use your voice to call a summons, and command influence.

“Voice, Voco, vocārevocāvīvocātumcallsummonbeckon (with one’s voice).
Vocation- your calling, (from Latin vocātiōmeaning ‘a call, summons’) is an occupation to which a person is especially drawn or for which they are suited, trained, or qualified.”

“Breathe Your Life, For Health And Wellbeing”

I can teach you to:

  • Reduce anxiety, with breath coaching, and meditation.

  • Rehabilitate with the same breathing techniques used by athletes, singers, actors, and patients of Covid19 and COPD (does not replace medical advice).

  • Vocalise with yoga chants, and mantras, and a personal self development plan, tailored to you and designed with affirmations, to give voice to your ideal life